Our Products

United offers both Rotary Paper Trimmers and Guillotine Paper Trimmers, as well as Automatic Paper Folders, to meet your specific needs. Guillotine Paper trimmers are designed to cut large stacks of paper, while rotary paper trimmers are ideal for smaller stacks and larger media formats. United Guillotine trimmers use a long blade which is pushed down to cut the paper, while rotary trimmers use a circular blade that slides along a track, cutting paper in either direction. Both Guillotine and Rotary Trimmers can cut a variety of paper weights and sizes. United Trimmers are self-sharpening, with a variety of safety features including rubber feet to keep the trimmer in place while operating, plastic shields to keep hands away from the blade and hold the paper in place while cutting. Printed grids and guides on both Guillotine Paper Trimmers and Rotary Paper Trimmers allow for precise adjustments to ensure crisp, accurate cuts every time.