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Getting Started with a Rotary Trimmer

When it comes to cutting paper, there are many different options. Rotary trimmers are typically the easiest to use, provide the most precise cuts and work well for larger sheets. All trimmers are designed for different purposes, so it’s important to find the one best suited for your needs. Check out our full line of Rotary Trimmers here!

If you’ve chosen to purchase a rotary trimmer, here are some simple steps to get the best cut each time.

  1. Place your rotary trimmer on a flat, even surface. Cutting on an uneven surface makes it more difficult to get a perfectly straight cut.
  2. Place your paper on the trimmer. The side to be trimmed should be facing outwards.
  3. Measure the sheet size before cutting by using the convenient grid lines printed on the trimmer’s base. Trimming slightly less than the recommended amount helps to get the most crisp cut.
  4. Adjust the side guide to fit your paper.
  5. Ensure that it’s properly aligned, then slide the cutting handle along the metal bar. As you press and slide the cutting handle, the paper clamp automatically engages to hold the paper in place.
  6. Check that the paper has been cut completely through and is perfectly trimmed. Note that the cutting handle works in both directions along the metal bar.
  7. Remove and dispose of scraps.
  8. Remove the paper from the trimmer.

To see the trimmers in action, check out the United YouTube Channel!