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United offers a wide range of products including Rotary Paper Trimmers, Guillotine Paper TrimmersAutomatic Paper FoldersLaminators, Envelope Openers, as well as Replacement Parts to meet your specific needs.

Rotary Paper Trimmers use a self-sharpening revolving blade that slides along a track making cuts in both directions. United Rotary Trimmers range from tabletop to larger, professional models. The larger trimmers include a solid steel stand, with a fabric catch tray for easy cleanup of paper trimmings. United’s Rotary Trimmer line is ideal for offices, print shops and design studios. Let us help you choose the right paper trimmer for you.

Guillotine Paper Trimmers are built for precision and durability. Our guillotine paper trimmers are portable and easy to use with an ergonomic handle. This style of paper trimmer uses a large self-sharpening stainless steel guillotine blade that is built to last with minimal maintenance. United’s Guillotine Trimmer line is perfect for offices, schools, churches and small print shops. Let us help you choose the right paper trimmer for you.

Automatic Paper Folders provide effortless automatic folding with a built-in out feed stackers for easy unloading. With United automatic folders, you can automate the process saving you hours of work by hand. United provides easy-to-use machines with digital displays, folding charts, and clearly marked folding plates. United paper folders are designed to be compact and built to last.

Laminators just arrived in United’s line-up of products. United Laminators allow the user to laminate hot or cold, and have a built in rotary trimmer. Also included is a corner rounder to take care of the sharp laminated corners. Fast warm-up time and easy to use, United Laminators are perfect for at home or in office use.

Envelope Openers are the latest products in the United line. They increase efficiency by processing mail quickly so it can be distributed in a timely manner. User friendly features include LED status indicators, automatic start/stop, and a freestanding catch tray. They can handle envelopes up to 10″ x 13″, and process up to 200 per minute.

Replacement Parts are available for any reason. Some parts are wearable items that need to be maintained and replaced over time. Even with proper care, parts may break due to accidental damage or improper use, if anything does happen, we’ve got you covered. Unlike other brands, United offers a full line of replacement parts to keep your United product up and running, good as new.