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United Guillotine Paper Trimmers

United Guillotine Paper Trimmers are built for precision and durability. Our guillotine paper trimmers are portable and easy to use with an ergonomic handle. This style of paper trimmer uses a large self-sharpening stainless steel guillotine blade that is built to last with minimal maintenance. United Guillotine Trimmers feature printed grids on the base and a paper guide for accurate alignment prior to cutting. Each trimmer has a recommended page capacity, with the largest cutting up to 40 sheets of paper at a time. United’s Guillotine Trimmer line is perfect for offices, schools, churches and small print shops. Let us help you choose the right paper trimmer for you.

More Info on Guillotine Trimmers

  • Guillotine trimmers utilize a long blade connected to a swinging lever.
  • To use a guillotine paper trimmer, the user lines up paper on the cutting board and presses the blade lever in a downward motion to cut through the paper.
  • Guillotine paper cutters are a cost efficient and effective way to make precise cuts through multiple sheets of paper.
  • Available in different sizes, each paper cutter provides a guide to indicate the level of depth for cutting.

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