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Getting Started with your EO2 Envelope Opener

The United EO2 Envelope Opener makes opening your piles of mail fast, easy, and convenient with a clean cut down the length of the envelope for easy access of the content. If you’ve already purchased the EO2 or are considering purchasing one, or are curious to how they work, here is a guide for getting started.

TIP: For best results, open your mail on the non-flap side. Remove any foreign objects from the unopened envelopes such as: paper clips, rubber bands and staples.

Step 1: Place the EO2 on a sturdy, flat surface, plug it into a wall outlet, and flip the power switch to the “On” position.

Step 2: With all envelopes facing flap down, gently tap the envelopes to shift contents away from the cutting edge. This helps prevent the contents from being cut. Realign the envelopes so all leading edges are flush.

Step 3: Fan mail slightly and place it on the feed deck of the EO2 so that all pieces are flush against the back guide. Make sure the leading edge of the mail is resting on the feed belts, and the mail is covering the sensor. If the power switch is on and the sensor is covered, the machine will run automatically. If the sensor is not covered, the machine will not run.

For larger envelopes, flip up the large envelope infeed extension to support them, and move the catch tray farther away from the outfeed area.

To learn more about the United EO2 Envelope Opener check out its product page.

To see the EO2 in action, check out the product video!