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Getting Started with your LT13 Laminator

Laminators can provide the perfect finishing touch for an office flyer, name tags and more. The LT13 Laminator is not just a laminator – it also features a 3-in-1 rotary blade and a corner cutter to round out sharp laminated corners.

To use your LT13 Laminator:

  1. Place the LT13 on a stable, level surface. Plug the power cord into an outlet and flip the power switch on the right side of the machine to the “On” position.
  2. Choose hot or cold lamination by flipping the second switch on the right side of the machine. For hot lamination, allow 3-5 minutes for the machine to warm up. The “Ready” indicator light will illuminate green once the machine is at the correct temperature.
  3. Next, insert the lamination packet folded side first into the mouth of the laminator. Once the packet is inserted an about an inch, the laminator will slowly start to pull it in on its own, exiting out the back of the machine.
  4. Once the paper has been laminated, switch the power switch to the “Off” position and allow the machine to cool if using hot lamination.

To use the 3-in-1 Rotary cutter:

  1. Place the LT13 on a stable, level surface. Select the desired type of cut (straight, wave or perforation cut) by pulling the setting lock on the cutter head to “Open.” Turn the red rotating knob to the desired cut, then press down on the setting lock to the “Lock” position.
  2. Slide the cutting head to one side of the guide rail. Slip the laminated or unlaminated material being cut under the transparent rail to the length to be cut.
  3. Hold the material on the base of the LT13 so it cannot move as it’s being cut. Then press down on the cutting head and slide it along the guide rail to the other side. For a clean cut, only cut through the material once.

To use the corner cutter:

  1. Insert the corner of laminated or unlaminated material into the corner cutter.
  2. Press the black button at the top of the “V” of the corner cutter. This will round the corner of the material.
  3. Remove the material from the corner cutter.

To learn more about the LT13 Laminator, check out its product page.

To see the LT13 Laminator in action, check us out on YouTube!