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Alignment Guides on your Paper Trimmer

United Alignment Guides – Importance, Usage, and Replacement

United offers some of the best guillotine and rotary paper trimmers on the market. They are durable, affordable, and make professional cuts, safely and easily. One of the must have, easy-to-use parts on a United trimmer is the adjustable alignment guides.


Aligning your media when making a cut or trimming the edges is crucial for any job. Getting a professional cut relies heavily on how straight the cut is, and how crisp the cut is. The built in ruler and grid lines help you measure the media and cut exactly where you want. The alignment guide slides along the ruler so you can move the guide into the exact position and lock it in place to be sure the media does not move while trimming. This ensures a straight, alignment and cut, every time. Every United trimmer comes with an alignment guide. As you can see, they may look a little different on each model, but they all perform the same way. The United alignment guides give you confidence when making cuts.

Using the Guide

Using the guide is simple and effective: simply lift the tab on the guide or loosen the turn wheel to slide it along the ruler. If you want to remove the alignment guide all together, you can just slide it right off the ruler. To make a specific sized cut, slide the guide to the preferred measurement on the ruler, lock it in place, align the media to the guide, and cut.


The alignment guide is the only part on a United cutter that can purposefully be removed for certain jobs, making it vulnerable to being lost or misplaced by the user. If you travel with your United cutter, in addition to falling off or getting lost, your guide may have also been damaged. If any of this happens, we offer replacement alignment guides for all of our cutters that can be found at the following links.

Rotary Trimmer Guides

T15 Guide

T14P Guide

T18P Guide

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T14P - 14" Professional Guillotine Trimmer
united rotary trimmer cutting photograph
T14P - 14" Professional Guillotine Trimmer

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