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Setting Up Your United F100 Automatic Paper Folder

Unboxing your United F100 Automatic Paper Folder

Before you can begin folding with your United F100 Automatic Paper folder, you’ll need to follow some set-up tips to get it ready.

Opening the box, you’ll find these five parts: the F100, power cord, infeed extension tray, lower fold plate, and upper fold plate. Check to be sure all parts are present with no signs of damage.

Getting Started

On the F100, lower the outfeed tray, and install the infeed extension tray. Line up the two tabs on the infeed extension tray to the two slot openings on the F100 and insert. Give it a good push to be sure it’s seated securely, with no gap visible. Now that the infeed and outfeed trays are all set, we can install the fold plates on the other side of the machine.

Installing the Fold Plates

The F100 has alignment pins for both the upper fold plate and the lower fold plate. You’ll need to align the fold plates with these pins. Hold the upper fold plate and notice the two notches cut out on each side of the plate. Slide the fold plate into the F100 and align these notches with the pins. Be sure the fold plate is installed securely on the pins.

Use the same process with the lower fold plate, aligning the pins with the notches, and secure. If you are creating half folds, remove the lower fold plate, rotate it 180 degrees and re-install. This side will have a closed stop on one end rather than an opening for the paper.

Plug the machine in, and turn the power on. Now, you’re all set to configure your F100 for the folds you need!

For more information on the F100 automatic paper folder, you can view the product here.

This is what the notches in the fold plates will look like.
All of the components for your United F100 Automatic Paper folder. You receive the F100, the power cord, upper fold plate, lower fold plate, and the feed table extension.
To install the infeed tray extension, line the pins up with the openings in the F100, and insert.
Here you can see the notches in the fold plate and the alignment pins on the F100.
Installing the lower fold plate is just like installing the upper fold plate. Be sure it is seated and secure.

For a more detailed guide on assembling the United F100, view the quick start guide!

United F100 Assembly and Installation