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Running Your United F100 Automatic Paper Folder

Getting Your F100 Up and Running!

Now that all the parts are assembled and in place on the F100, we can adjust the settings for your job and get it running. To begin, take a piece of the paper you’ll be folding and set it on the infeed tray. Adjust the side guides by making them snug on the paper, then loosen one just enough so the paper can easily glide in and out.

The outfeed wheels are easy to move with three positions to choose from. The position where you set them depends on the fold type you want. The innermost position is for all folds except a half fold. The middle position is for a letter-sized half fold, and the outermost position is for a legal sized half fold.

Fold Settings

United has placed a Fold Setting Chart right on the machine for a quick and easy guide. Settings are grouped by letter and legal sized paper, and show where the upper and lower fold plates need to be lined up for proper folding. Each fold plate is equipped with the letters and measurements shown on the fold setting chart. For example, if you want create a Z fold on a letter sized piece of paper, you would set the upper fold plate to “E” and the lower fold plate to “I”.

Now that the fold plates are set properly, you’re almost ready to start folding. Then, make sure the stack of paper you need to fold is neatly squared and aligned. As a result, this will reduce the chance of a misfeed. When loading the paper, push down on the innermost part of the feed tray, then load the paper stack in and under the feeding wheels. Lastly, before starting the job, push and hold the Start button for approximately 3 seconds. This will produce one test fold for you. If the test fold is accurate, you can push Start to begin your folding job!

To learn more about the United F100 Automatic Paper folder, view it here.

And to watch any of our videos on the F100, check us out on YouTube!

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For a full guide on assembling and operating the United F100, view the quick start guide!

United F100 Automatic Paper Folder Setup & Operation