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Getting the Best Cuts from your United Rotary Trimmer

Do You Need a Rotary Trimmer?

Have you ever found yourself trying to cut a straight line with scissors on a project and it coming out crooked, choppy, or uneven? Even those with a steady hand, x-acto blade, and ruler will certainly suffer a bad cut here and there with inconsistencies. That’s where the United Rotary Trimmer comes in to help, at home or in the office.

If you want your cutting projects to look professional with no error, having a rotary trimmer on hand is a must. Rotary trimmers give you the ease and consistency to handle all of your cutting and trimming needs. With United, you have a range of trimmers to choose from. You can use our cutters in home, offices, schools, churches, art studios, small print shops, etc.

Our product line of Rotary Trimmers include…

RT18 – 18″ Tabletop Rotary Trimmer

RT26 – 26″ Tabletop Rotary Trimmer

RT37S – 37″ Rotary Trimmer with Stand

RT51S – 51″ Rotary Trimmer with Stand

Choosing a Trimmer

Depending on your personal or professional needs, you have the choice between different sized and equipped rotary trimmers. In our pictures, we are using the RT18 Tabletop Rotary Trimmer to trim photographs, but it can be used for so much more. Just a few examples include cutting business cards, scrap-booking pieces, thank you cards, post cards, etc. All of our trimmers use the same quality materials and components, but will vary in size. Our larger trimmers will come with their own stand and fabric catch tray. Deciding on a trimmer will come down to the size of media you will be handling, and also the portability you will demand from your trimmer. If you have more specific questions or need additional help deciding, click here, and let us know.

A Little Bit About United Rotary Trimmers

All of our rotary trimmers are equipped with a self sharpening rotary blade mounted to a heavy duty guide rail. This makes for an easy flowing crisp clean, unwavering cut every time. Each trimmer comes equipped with an adjustable locking side guide for precise alignment. Printed on the metal base is a standard/metric alignment grid, for easy measuring. A clear, full-length, paper clamp is also standard across the product line. This clamp automatically engages as the blade passes, reducing any unwanted movement before the cut is made. All of this comes together on a rugged steel base that won’t warp or crack from extended use or transport. As a result, you can count on professional cuts every time.

Now that you know a little bit about the products we offer, here are a few tips to follow and practice in order to get the most out of your trimmer.

Useful Tips

  • Always set up your tabletop trimmers on a flat and even surface for best results.
  • Never cut more than the specified amount/thickness of paper.
  • Take advantage of the locking side guide to get consistent, straight cuts each time.
  • If you have high quality or glossy photographs, place a clean sheet of unneeded paper on top of it before cutting to avoid fingerprints or any unwanted marks to the image.
  • When setting up a file for print with multiple images that need to be cut or trimmed, be sure to line the edges up on as many sides as possible. This will reduce the amount of trimming time for you.
  • If your paper exceeds the recommended thickness, set two piles up side by side on the cutting board (if width allows) to cut two stacks at once.

For additional information, please consult the operator manual. If you need further assistance or replacement parts, please Contact Us.

Find our complete line of Rotary Trimmers here.

To check pricing or to purchase one of our Rotary Trimmers, you can find them here.

united rotary trimmer cutting photograph
United Rotary Paper Trimmer being used for DIY at home photograph cutting and trimming for a picture frame or scrapbook.
united rotary trimmer cutting photograph
Easily line up your media that needs to be trimmed using the straight edge and side guide. Our United Trimmers also offer a measured grid to ensure you have the tools necessary to produce a precise cut, every time.
united rotary trimmer cutting photograph
United Rotary Paper Trimmers contain a rotary blade making it possible to cut in both directions.
united rotary trimmer cutting photograph
Thanks to it's self sharpening rotary blade, every cut is crisp and clean.
united rotary trimmer cutting photograph
After some final trimming of the photograph, it is finished and ready to be presented.

United RT18 – Tabletop Rotary Trimmer in Action