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Benefits of the Automatic Paper Clamp

If you’re looking to improve the precision and quality of your paper cutting projects, then a guillotine paper cutter with an automatic clamp could be the solution. The United guillotine trimmer with the automatic paper clamp differs from the generic manual clamp used on most guillotine cutters, making paper cutting more effortless than it already was. The paper clamp automatically engages when the blade is brought down to make the cut. This creates an equal amount of pressure across the documents, helping to securely hold them in place. This eliminates the need to think about how much pressure you should apply to the paper clamp. The automatic paper clamp improves the quality, precision, and evenness of each cut. With each set of documents receiving the same even amount of pressure, the results are incomparable, and consistent.

Take a look at the image to the right comparing the two positions of the blade. You can see how the  paper clamp lowers uniformly as the blade itself lowers.

The automatic paper clamp is ideal for quick cutting jobs that may require more durable paper. For a safe, accurate, and consistent solution to your paper cutting projects, the automatic paper clamp is the answer.

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Trimmer T14P Guillotine Trimmer Automatic Paper Clamp
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