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Getting Started with a Guillotine Trimmer

How to use a Guillotine Trimmer

Guillotine paper trimmers are ideal for larger stacks of paper up to 40 sheets. Featuring a large self-sharpening stainless steel guillotine blade they’re portable, durable and deliver a crisp, professional cut. Guillotine Trimmers are perfect for offices, schools, churches and small print shops.


  1. First, set the trimmer on a sturdy surface and unlock the blade latch.
  2. Ensure the cutter can handle the number of sheets in your stack. (Check specs for specific cutter model)
  3. Raise the blade to loosen the paper clamp and place your paper onto the base of the cutter. Use the measurements on the base to adjust for the cut. Larger stacks are more difficult to trim.
  4. Adjust side guide to secure paper in place. Clamp automatically engages as blade is lowered to keep stack in place.
  5. Be sure that the paper is firmly in place and begin cutting. Keep hands a safe distance from the blade and slowly lower the blade to cut.
  6. Once the paper has been cut, raise the blade to release the paper clamp, remove the trimmed sheets and dispose of the scraps. Lower the blade and secure the blade latch so the blade will not move as it is being transported.