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Crafting and Scrapbooking with United Paper Cutters

Paper Cutters

Paper cutters have many uses, from trimming down professional photographs to cutting construction paper for crafting or scrapbooking. At United we understand the versatility of a paper cutter and make each one of them to the highest standard to meet any challenge. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, crafter, or scrap booker, a United Guillotine Paper Cutter is a must have.

Take into consideration your personal needs and what jobs you will be doing. When choosing a cutter, take a look at our post here, to help you decide. Today, we’re talking about which paper cutters are best for scrapbooking and crafting! Many use our cutters professionally but we know there are a lot of our customers that demand the durability and quality of a United Paper Cutter for their personal, at home use.

Why the Guillotine Style Paper Cutter is Best for Most Crafting/Scrapbooking

When talking about crafting or scrapbooking, it usually entails heavier papers, photographs, poster board, cardstock, vinyl, tape, foam core, mat board, etc. The list of materials used for crafting goes on and on, and continues to grow. Having a good self-sharpening paper cutter is a must. When cutting these thick materials we suggest a United Guillotine Paper Cutter. Guillotine style paper cutters are designed to handle thicker media with ease, giving a straight cut, right where you want it.

Thanks to United’s full swing blade guard and locking blade, using a guillotine trimmer has never been safer. Another advantage of using a United cutter is the self-sharpening blades which keep the cuts crisp. This is especially important when cutting thicker media such as cardboard, which dulls blades much quicker than paper. The heavy duty metal base provides a sturdy cutting surface that will not crack, warp, or break, either in transport or when cutting thicker media.

Having a paper cutter in your home is a must: it will save time, and every cut you make will be accurate and easy. Say goodbye to your scissors, X-acto blade, or utility knife when trying to make a straight cut.


Extra uses around the house include…

– Breaking down cardboard boxes

– Trimming mat board for picture frames

– School projects

– Trimming foam core

– Cutting open plastic packaging

– Cutting personal documents into thin strips to securely discard

– DIY Birthday/Holiday cards or business cards


United offers Guillotine Paper Cutters in 12”, 14”, 15”, and 18” sizes. Our whole line up can be found here.

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T18P features an ABS plastic safety shield, and an automatic paper clamp which both engage when the blade is lowered
T14P - 14" Professional Guillotine Trimmer
united rotary trimmer cutting business cards
united rotary trimmer cutting thank you card

United T14P Guillotine Paper Cutter in Action!