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Wide Format Cutters

Do I need a Wide Format Cutter?

Large printers mean large media, and that media needs to be trimmed down too! What do you do when you have something larger than 12” that needs to be cut or trimmed? Do you break out a blade and the longest straight edge you have, lay it all out on the floor, and make your cuts? Or maybe you mark your cutting line on the media and use scissors to try and cut it. If you are looking for a straight cut and a professional finish, these methods simply will not work. Time to try United wide format cutters.

When working with large media, a wide format cutter is a must have. Not only will it save you time and energy, but it may very well save you time and time again from reprinting projects. Printing is expensive and time consuming enough, don’t multiply all of that by making a bad cut. United’s wide format cutters come with easy to read ruler grid lines to give you accurately measured cuts. In addition, they offer a locking side guide to keep paper from moving, and a long straight edge giving our sharp blades the straightest cuts.

The Wide Format Cutter for You

Depending on your needs, there are a variety of wide format cutters available to meet your demands. We offer 14”, 15” and 18” guillotine style cutters, for larger wide format cutting needs, we offer 18”, 26”, 37” and even 51” rotary trimmers! Having a rotary or guillotine style trimmer also means that you can easily cut 15-40 sheets at a time. This is something you should never try with a blade, scissors, or an x-acto knife.

A wide format cutter is a must have for jobs that require professional finishes with straight, crisp, and square edges, every time.

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Check us out on YouTube to see our wide format cutters in action!

United RT51S Rotary Trimmer Wide Format Cutter Wide format cutters wide format trimmers
United RT51S wide format rotary trimmer shown with solid steel stand, and a fabric catch tray for easy cleanup of paper trimmings.
Wide format cutters wide format cutter Wide format trimmer RT37S 37" Rotary Trimmer with Stand
United RT37S rotary paper trimmer on stand trimming a large photograph. You can see the locking side guide being used for precise alignment.

Our Widest Format Trimmer, the RT51S, in Action